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WHEN the weekend arrives, writer and workaholic CAT PARK winds down in the best way possible. In this regular blog, the Cumbrian mum of two seeks out the finest free family days out our fair county has to offer

AS I was finishing work for the week, I was chatting to the rest of the girls on my team about what we were all going to get up to at the weekend.

I said that I was off to explore, and hopefully take in some beach action, to which they were surprised. Being from London, they aren't too familiar with our fair county so I told them that aside from the amazing Lake District, almost half of the county is shoreline too - something I often forget!

Having been a year now since buying my little banger of a car, and being relatively unscathed, it was time for something to go wrong.

Cue the exhaust blowing like a tank and the cavalry - my mate Emma being drafted in to chauffeur for the day.

Unfortunately it wasn't the most sunny of days but still warm and dry. We headed over to Mawbray on the Solway Plain and parked by one of the dunes.

As it was nice we didn't want to head straight to Allonby for the fear that lots of other people would've had the same idea so we took for a quieter stretch of beach.

When we got there, we wrapped up with some waterproofs and wellies and took a bucket to go hunting for treasures.

If you're familiar with the west coast, chances are that you'll know it's going to be breezy regardless of the weather, so I took a waterproof all in one for Roman, with a hood, perfect choice considering he was splashing around in rock pools and chucking sand everywhere in no time.

The tide was still on its way out and the sand was totally unspoilt. We started laying our footprints and there lay lots of interesting remains of the sea all around us. We found all sorts of different shells and went hunting for crabs, which there were hundreds of.

Different shapes and sizes which Roman was completely freaked out by, it was great to see his reaction. We found bits of coloured glass and China that had been smoothed by the water and made up stories about how they could've got there. Sunken ships and pirate treasures!

We dug out rocks and different pebbles, some with holes in them and some worn in to shapes of hearts or other shapes.

Once we'd taken a stroll out close to the sea, Coco wanted to show Roman how to make a sandcastle, so she started building a moat and digging up the sand to fill the bucket.

 Warming up on the journey home

Warming up on the journey home

Roman and I gave her the shells that we'd collected so she could decorate it. Roman decided that he preferred knocking down the castles and much to Coco's frustration, he kept pottering over to her castle to try and stick a welly in so I came to the rescue and made some heaps of sand for him to jump on instead.

Once we'd finished with the castle creations we decided to head back to the car so we could take a trip further along the coast to grab an ice cream.

It was a beautiful walk back with a gorgeous view. We only saw one or two other people and it was so peaceful.

There were people out windsurfing and flying kites and others out walking their dogs, letting them have a paddle in the sea, some even just came to park up and sit on their cars to take it all in.

Although not the day for it on this occasion, there's nothing better than pitching up on one of the dunes and having a barbecue whilst taking in the view over to Scotland. We'll be back soon!

Top Tips:

Take a bottle of clean water to wash off sandy hands when you're finished

Take a towel and some spare shoes - it's going to get messy!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 5:16PM
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