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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Posy Simmonds tells of visits to lap dancing clubs

Veteran cartoonist Posy Simmonds has been visiting lap dancing clubs.

The multi-awarding artist whose works include Tamara Drewe amd Gemma Bovery revealed to an audience at the Comic Art Festival in Kendal that she had been to lap dancing clubs and training classes to research her next graphic novel.

"I nearly wasn't allowed in," she said, adding: "Eventually they let me in just to have a peer and it was a truly sad place."

Simmonds said she had been making slow progress with her latest graphic novel due a bad back following an accident, but said it would focus on obesity and ood along with lap dancing.

"Fast food is lovely draw because of the colours," she said.

Simmonds said she was also considering only having part of the story serialised in the Guardian so as not to delay publication of the graphic novel for two long.

"I'm thinking the serialisation should be a short story," she said.


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