Visit newly-discovered 'lake' as part of C-Art festival


A NEW lake has been discovered in Cumbria - well, sort of.

Hidden: Studies have revealed an underground lake below Rheged
Hidden: Studies have revealed an underground lake below Rheged

As part of the C-Art Festival 2017, an unusual project is happening hundreds of feet deep beneath Rheged - small groups of people will be given access to descend into the depths beneath the visitor centre to experience Cumbria’s latest discovery, Lowthermere.

Belgian artists Collective Captain Boomer, fresh from escapades in Paris and Greenwich Docklands take us on a very special journey which brings into question the very nature of the Lake District.

An international team of researchers have been looking to better understand the underlying geology of Penrith and Eden and may have found a potentially huge hidden lake.

Studies in the area have a revealed a potentially massive Aquafer underground, which could possibly stretch from near Ullswater at Rheged, where excavations have began, through to Penrith, Kirkoswald and across the Eden Valley.

Geologists are debating whether this huge vaulted 700 acre natural basin, should be categorised as a lake.

Penrith locals are claiming that if this proves to be true Penrith should be made an official part of the Lake District and included in the UNSECO World Heritage Site, and the park's boundary should be redrawn to include Penrith and more of Eden.

LOWTHERMERE from Eden Arts on Vimeo.

Professor and geologist Patrick Blundy says: “The confluence of the Rivers Eamont and Lowther is actually very significant and where we believe water descends into an underground sump to form the major tributary for this underground mass of water.”

Aquafers are actually very common – anywhere with a large presence of Triassic sandstone.

To raise awareness, the site is temporarily open to the public. Exclusively for C-Art Festival, small groups of visitors can descend into the deep and see for themselves. Places can be booked via Rheged’s website or in person between September 9 and 11, and 14 and 17.Please note, spaces are limited and booking in advance is encouraged.

Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 2:14PM
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