Sweet new start for Cumbrian band Treacle


AFTER forming in secondary school, young band FreeFall acquired gigs across the city and a popular following in the county. However, having matured their sound and image - the group have rebranded as Treacle and will debut in Carlisle later this month.

Made up of Chris Moss on lead vocals, Ben Manders on guitar, Adam Gallagher on Guitar, Toby Fretwell on bass, Rufus Hodge on drums and beats - Treacle have already secured their first gig at The Source in Carlisle alongside popular West Cumbria four-piece Flynt on Friday September 15.

With the new image and sound, guitarist Adam Gallagher admitted that it was a long time coming.

"The band formed in secondary school back when we could barely play our own instruments. The bassist Toby and guitarist Ben jammed in each other’s houses. I soon joined in and we started searching out for a drummer and singer to complete our lineup.

"We performed under the name of FreeFall for a number of years but decided to change to mark a break between what we were which was essentially a teenage cover band and our new goal, which was to start making music and an image of our own. We decided to call ourselves Treacle mainly because the number of puns we could use around it and from there the name just stuck!"

Hitting the ground running, Treacle have already compiled their debut EP which they hope to showcase at The Source,

"As a band, we’ve always listened to alternative rock bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Everything Everything and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and these influences sort of fill the base of our sound.

"On our EP Aisle 4 itself, there’s quite an eclectic mix, our first single Whitewash walls is quite a bluesy track, yet there’s one section which was Queens of the Stone Age influenced. Another track Echo has got a bit of a poppy Killers vibe and our finisher song of the EP, Absent Friends, has this manic Biffy Clyro sound on its end section – so quite a range. I think it reflects how, as a band, we didn’t want to get pigeon holed into making one type of song and becoming one of those samey bands."

There's no denying that the Cumbrian music scene has a hot range of talent up and down the county. With events like Within the Walls, Launchpad and more showcasing the local talent, Treacle's Adam admitted that the group feel lucky to be included in such a strong music environment.

"Carlisle has a lot more going about it than people think - the venue for our gig The Source Collective in Denton Holme is a great hub for the local scene and has loads of great local bands that have played at it like Hardwicke Circus and Mylittlebrother. We actually recorded the EP in Ten Pin Studios which is right behind The Source, so it feels fitting to go back there to have our EP launch.

"We didn’t actually know Flynt before we started organising the gig but The Source put us in contact with them and we really liked the sound of their music. They’re a great band and I’m personally really excited to have them as a support.

Hailing from West Cumbria, Flynt have gathered wide spread success in a short period of time including air time on BBC Radio 1 and even plays at Glagsow's TRNSMT Festival in July. Following a successful debut at Carlisle's The Crescent Bar, the indie pop four piece delivered an energetic performance at The Brickyard as part of Launchpad back in August.

"We're buzzing to be playing in Carlisle again, especially after how much we enjoyed our gig at The Brickyard last month." said bassist Calvin Thornburrow.

As the debut evening nears, Treacle are busy preparing the final touches to their live performance and raising awareness of their sound.

"We always go to a gig not caring how stupid we look as long as we give our performance our all. All in all, it’s a great night out with two solid bands, hopefully lots of drinking and dancing and the two tend to go well together!"

Treacle and Flynt will head to Carlisle's The Source on Friday September 15

Tickets are available from treaclebanduk@gmail.com or alternatively you can just message the band on Facebook at www.facebook.com/treacleband

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 5:39PM
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