REVIEW: Girls show their gritty side in new stage show


KESWICK’S Theatre by the Lake held a special Female Voices series of shows last week, and our reviewer opted to check out one of the programme highlights, Girls with Balls

Girls with Balls
Girls with Balls

Football shirts, a knife and plenty drama. A new, witty, dramatic play tells the story of the battle of two sexes from 1921 to 2016.

Girls with Balls took to the stage at the Theatre by The Lake, in Keswick, on Wednesday.

The play was performed in the intimate Studio where you’re an arm's reach from the actors.

I held a lot of anticipation for this play with me being an avid female footballer myself. The play tells the story of three strong, witty female footballers protesting against their beloved club house being demolished.

As the demolition company moves in closer, the girls’ final bid to save their club, where they all hold cherished memories, results in some questionable decisions involving duct tape and a knife.

Without giving away the plot, let’s just say a simple poster was not going to be enough for these girls.

The acting within the play was very convincing and emotional. Each girl - Ashley, Britney and Heather - all seemed to come to life on stage.

Their pure grit and determination radiated out of them on stage. The girls were also instantly likeable and you wanted them to succeed with their mission.

The demolition company employee who becomes too involved for comfort with the girl’s protest was also portrayed amazingly. His role of a sexist, arrogant man was faultless.

The audiences hate for him was undeniable when he spoke, and when he crossed the line on multiple occasions with his sexist remarks.

Overall the play was thrilling, thought-provoking and charming, and definitely one for the female football fanatic. 


Monday, April 18, 2016 at 1:51PM
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